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You Can Thank Me for the Buttons

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012 in FAIR: Fellowships & More

February 24, 2012 | Author: Kaylyn Kilkuskie

At the start of a meeting I had last week with a director I was graced with the general pleasantry of “what have you been working on?” I had been working on an unrelated show at the time which lead to a question I had not expected. “Well, what can I thank you for?”

A project can and will go through a variety of hands through the course of its sort of coming into being. The level of work a stitcher will do on a project varies. I have had pieces of fabric handed to me, ready to be turned into a garment and I will construct it, or I could be hand stitching hems or trim or just ironing giant water spirit sleeves.  A project never 100% created from start to finish by a single person, there are designers, assistants, shoppers, cutters, drapers, and stitchers. Not all are required for one piece, but more often than not that is how these costumes/ costume props come into being and in many ways that is the beauty of it.

Though my answer to the question ended up being less concise the next day this phrase came to me. “You can thank me for the buttons.” And though this is not all I do, it’s a part that to those of us who get to have these things in our hands, two feet from our face we know the difference for sure and some people may never consciously notice, but next time you see a show imagine it without buttons.

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