The Diary of Anne Frank

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012 in OSF Archives

The thing about history is that it repeats itself. The beauty of theatre is that it interacts with generation after generation and makes connections to current events, over and over.

Recently, Lue Douthit and I were talking about this year’s exhibits for the side galleries. One will be about The Diary of Anne Frank. Lue wasn’t sure exactly what the exhibit would be like and whether we could get the rights for the images they wanted to use. That night, while going through a pile of old magazines at home, I chanced upon a mention in Via, the AAA magazine, about an Anne Frank exhibit at the Lloyd Center in Portland.

Within days, David Ostwald requested his OSF credits. In looking him up in the old souvenir programs, I noticed in his biography that he had been in a production of The Diary of Anne Frank many years before in Berkeley. Then, Judy Kennedy, who volunteers for me, was working on this request. I mentioned that he had been in Anne Frank in California. Guess what Judy said? “Oh, yes. I played Anne Frank and David played my father.” They went to high school together.

Michael Elich said to me the other day “We’re in the attic, don’t tell anyone.” But archives house diaries and lots of people know already. David and Judy know. Come view our exhibit and play. Then you too can make a connection so that this history will not repeat itself.

Written originally for The Company Call, March 2006, by Kit Leary.