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Costume Department

These amazing artists take meticulous care to bring the designers' visions to the stage and give life to the characters.

Costume Director
Christine Smith-McNamara

Workroom Supervisor
Ginger D'Olivo

Costume Business Office Assistant
Christine Norton-Cotts

Heather DeBey

Costume Design Assistants
Alison Axland
Merilee Ford Barrera
Carolyn M. Brooks
Sarah Beata DeLong
Mary Scott

Lara Southerland Berich
Joyce Brandon
Marsha K. Cole
Stephanie Cooper
Vivienne Friedman
Dianna Lee
Elaine McBennett
Rachel Parks
Karen Jones Peterson 
Catherine Stump

First Hands
Claire Bunch
Amber Johnson
Bronwyn Maddux Klaphaak

Master Stitchers
Marilyn Langeberg
Jeanne Legrand
Bonnie McKelligott
Beth Walker

Stitcher I
Ellen Alphonso
Ariel Greninger
Catlin Headley
Ernestina Herrera
Rachael Herzog
Kaylyn Kilkuskie
Sharla McAndrews
Sereena Ojakian
Virginia Reynolds
Corinne Serfass

Stitcher II
Stephanie Mellini
Alice Choo Risser

You'll find videos from past seasons on this page and other pages throughout this section that highlight the work of OSF artisans. All of our Behind-the-Scenes videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel at this link.

Costume Crafts Supervisor
Nancy Zaremski

Costume Crafts Artisans
John Becker
Betsy Krausnick
Jacqueline (Jay) Leighton
Roxana Ramseur
Farrah Southam
Lauren Toppo

Painters & Dyers
Chris Carpenter
Caroline Dignes

Wardrobe Supervisor
Ann Stephens

Associate Wardrobe Supervisor
Lauren Noyes

Wardrobe Specialist
Donna M. Memmer

Wardrobe Cleaning & Maintenance Attendant
Katy Lai

Wardrobe Assistants
Etai Alves
Laura Coe
Courtney Cunningham
Laura M. Dana
Myfawny Hull
Dianna Lee
Donna M. Memmer
Elise Packee
Alice Choo Risser
Katie Sidwell
Kimberly A. Stone
Farrah Southam
Lauren Toppo
Cara Wade

Wig & Hair Supervisor
Christy Bolender

Wig & Hair Masters
Devon K. Ash
Raquel Bianchini

Wig & Hair Run Crew
Cherelle Guyton
Jen Hill
Rosey Johnson
Michael Iran Leon
Lora Melahn
Danielle Richter

Costume Rental Manager
Emily Ehrlich Inget

Costume Rental Assistant
Bruce Walden-Dixson

Costume Rental Inventory Assistant
Maureen Vaughey