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Ramiz Monsef and Birth of The Unfortunates

Posted on Dec 19th, 2012 in Artists & Company
Ramiz Monsef at Unfortunates workshop

How collaboration, music and theatre gave birth to a new play

From "Insight: The Cornish Magazine"

By Maximilian Bocek

In fashioning a career for himself, Ramiz Monsef has always turned the "Self" knob way down. He thinkgs his best work comes form working with others. His is a taste for collaboration that was instilled at Cornish and led him to success in the company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and with his own rap group, 3 Blind Mice. Now, incredibly, even his collaborations have collaborations: 3 Blind Mice (with Casey Hurt) are developing a new musical with OSF, The Unfortunates.

Read complete article in The Cornish Magazine (turn to page 8)

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